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(Astrology of Omens) Lizard’s Falling

he Lizard’s Falling

Lizard (Chipkali) is two types and has two types of color (white and black) generally seen at home. In Sakuna Sastra
white type of Chipkali is most favorable while Black is un-favorable and inauspicious. So Falling of Chipkali in front of
a human or its fall in our hand or climbed into our body or its ‘tik tik’ sound has different omens and indication in our
day to day life.

Falling of Chipkali (Lizard)
1. If it’s fall in to our head then it’s an omens and indication of getting royals, wealth, luxury and blessing from the
But if it’s fall in to the person of a Rich man’s head then it’s an omen of destroying of wealth, but reverse
incase of a poor person.
If a rich person in Bad health and bed ridden if the Chipkali fall in to his head then the native will get
more pain and death like suffering. But it’s reverse in case of a poor individual.
2. If the Lizard falls in to the forehead then the native will get class Luxury and meet various good friends in near
3. If the Lizard falls in to the middle of the eyebrow then the native will get royal grant and prestige.
4. If the Lizard falls in to the nose then the native will get auspicious results, rid of pains, and he/she will be fortu-
5. If the Lizard falls in to the right ear then it will increase the longevity of the native.
6. If in the left ear them Gains.
7. If the lizard fall in to two eyes then opportunity of Alliances and relationship.
8. In to the lip it will destroy wealth.
9. Under the lip it will Increases the health, wealth and Luxuries.
10. If the Lizard falls in to the right hand shoulder then the native gain respect from one’s spouse, higher post in job,
and meet various good friends and in contact with influence peoples
11. If the Lizard falls in to the left hand shoulder then the native will get fear from Govt or higher authorities.
12. If the Lizard falls in to the above the Larynx (throat) then the native will get favorite good and materialistic and
destroy his enemy.
13. In the right side of the throat gain of friends.
14. If the Lizard falls above the face then Gain of Sweet food, but no result will experience if its climb into your face
and shoulder at the same time.
15. If it fall in to nails then Gain of wealth.
16. If it fall into the any of the two Breasts of men then for left side it’s bring Bad luck and for right side fortunate.
Women’s, Left side good luck and right bad.
17. If in to the womb then native will get well-wisher and good loveable friends
18. If it fall in to the right hand of any native then he/she will get new wearer and reverse in case of left hand
19. Bring death if it fall above your heart, or death like sufferings
20. If the Chipkali fall into a pregnant women’s womb the she will birth great fortunate son
21. If fall in the back area then one lose his son
22. If fall in to the hip then indication of new diseases, but after falling, if it climb up to the top then once get good
For the right thigh it will destroy ones wealth and for left it is a good omen regarding your son. For two thighs its
bring sound wealth

24. Between the two keens you will get Good vehicles
25. If its fall into your genitalia then you will meet friends
26. For right foot brings long distance travel, and for left foot its destroy your good friend’s and longevity
27. If its fall in to your two feet then you will be in danger
28. If its fall in to your toes then it’s a omen of being tension and getting in to life threaten danger
29. If it fell between your big toe and small toe then you may opt for a big holiday with your all family members
30. If the lizard fall between your ankle and foot then it will kill your wife
31. If its fall into your (head)hairs then danger to death
32. If it fell in to your feet and at that time if its climbed upward up to your head then you will get Royals and vast
33. If its fell in to your left body part and simultaneously if it’s get down through the same left side body then you
will get all types of gains
34. If its fell in to your right body part and simultaneously if it’s get down through the left side of your body then you
will get all types of deprivations
35. If you’re sleeping and then its fall in to you, so after one month the native will die or he/she may get some res-
pite. But death like suffering would be sure
36. If it fall while you eating vessels then you will get wealth
37. If the lizard fall in front of you not in you then you will get desired result and wishes
38. If the lizard fall in to any part of your body and if it’s go upward then it’s a omen of improvements of that period
of time
39. There would be no result if during the Panchanga time of Vadra or Dagda Thithi , Krura Var, Baidhruthi, Mrutu,
Jama Ghantaka Yoga, Krura Lagna
: Monday, Wed, Thursday, Friday : Auspicious result Tuesday, Saturday, Sunday : Inauspicious result
: Pratipada(1
), Dwitiya(2
), Chaturthi(4
) – Create Diseases; Trutiya(3
) – Gaines; Panchami(5
, Shasthi
), Saptami(7
), Dwadasi(12
) – Wealth; Astami(8
), Navami(9
), Dasami(10
) – Painfull; Ekadashi(11
) – Gain
of Son; Tryodashi(13
), Chaturdashi(14
), Poornima(Full Moon), Amavasya (full waning moon) – Danger. (NB.
These are the Moon cycle from 1 to 14
day and Poornima is the full moon while Amavasya is full waning moon,
please check the Vedic Panchang will help to understand these termilogy)
Aswani(Beta Arietis) – Cure and successful; Bharani(41 Arietis) – Diseases giver; Krittika
(Alcyone), Vishakha(A Librae) – Destroyer of wealth; Rohini(Aldebaran), Mrigashira(l Orionis) – Gain of wealth;
Arudra(Betelgeuse) – Danger to death; Punarvasu(b Geminorium), Pushya(d Cancri) – Gains; Hasta(l Aquarii), Chi-
tra(Spica), Swati(A Bootis) – Auspicious; Ashlesha(e Hydrae), Jeysta(Antares), Moola(l Scorpii), Purva Ashadha(d
Sagittarii), Uttara Ashadha(s Sagittarii), Abhijit(), Dhanista(b Delphini) – Pain till the death; Magha(e Hy-
drae),Purva Phalguni(d Leonis),Uttara Phaguni (Denebola) – Auspicious; Anuradha(Betelgeuse), Shravana(A),
Shatabhishaj(l Aquarii), Purva Bhadrapada(b Pegasi), Uttara Bhadrapada(g Pegasi) – Huge gain or Gain of Royal or
States; Revati (z Piscium) – Gain of longevity.
DOS or Remedies
After the Lizard fell in to you go and do a bath without changing your clothes. Donates to priest like (Black grams, til,
money, gold etc with proper Dakshina) pray to your lord or esta devi to get rid of evil effect by chanting 108 time the
Mantra, also light some lamps to get rid of the evils. This above remedies also can be done if the fall of lizard is auspi-
cious to strengthen its effect.


  1. A lizard fell on back side of my left palm....what does it mean?

  2. IF A lizard fell on mens left thigh and it goes down from there in the night time sharply.What does it mean?

    1. a lizard fell on my head,thats on my hair and jumped

  3. IN last 3 weeeks its the third time lizard falling over me...first it was on my right hand(white 1)...thn later that weeek on my left had(black 1)Now todat on my left toe..(firday) any idea wats its alll about

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  6. Hi ,
    I was sitting in the lounge and i felt something wet fall on me, thought the rain came through the roof and fell on me ,when i saw a lizard on the ceiling , think it pissed on me or something, what does that mean? thanks

  7. shivani bhatt
    actually i got the dream of lizard falling on my head
    and the color of lizard was white and it was big in length.
    the dream was between 4am to 6am on Wednesday morning. what does that mean please help me it is good or not?

  8. lizard fell on my heart, it means i wil die?

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  16. I was in the main road on my vehicle. suddenly something jumped on my feet( Between ankle bone and feet). When i saw it was a lizard. What does it mean

  17. during diwali laxmi pooja when i open the window lizard fell on my left cheeck what it means

  18. to-day a lizard jumped into my left hand between knee and wrist and come down to left thigh. what happens?

    1. nothing will happen if you recite Shiv Chalisa, Hanuman Chalisa, Maha Mrityunjaya mantra( 108 times) , donate black Urad Dal and Black til and give some money as dakshina to poojari/priest , even otherwise just do shiv chalisa and mahamrityunjaya mantra 108 times . god bless everyone god bless humanity

  19. Sir'aaj night nearly9:30 lag bhag leti hui mudra me tha tabhi ek legard roof se mere right per me ghutnu par aakar giri or Sindhi jam in par mood gai.iska kya phal nikalta he anisht she bachne ka upaay bataye

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  25. I hate Lizard whether its black white big small or just tiny eggs of it.... Whenever I see any lizard around me I just scream out of my house.... I make my parents or sibling to kill that lizard.... And won't enter the house till I haven't see its dead body.... Even though I scream after looking it dead also.... If I have any worst night mare is that any lizard missed out or disappeared alive.... Right now too I really want to scream loud.... After typing this much time lizard.... I just want to know killing lizard any bad luck or auspicious or any cruse to me??

  26. A lizard came under my daughter's left foot. Is this inauspicious?

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